Thika Foundation is founded by clients of Thika Travel in a desire to financially support projects selected by the Foundation’s management in the destination countries of Thika Travel in Africa, Asia and Latin America. This creates a vehicle to guide the involvement of clients of Thika Travel in the often fragile and threatened nature and the neighbouring local population in destinations that are already visited by the clients or will be so in the future. Thika Foundation aims at and publicly commits itself to maximum transparency. In this policy plan direction is given to the income and expenditure of the Thika Foundation on the various subjects.

Due to increasing population growth, climate change, certain types of land use (f.e. intensive agriculture, mining and forestry) and poaching, our nature is seriously threatened worldwide. By supporting existing nature conservation projects, Thika Foundation wants to contribute to the protection and conservation of our nature in Africa, Asia and Latin America. These projects are performed as much as possible within the country, along with the local communities. Therefore, projects that focus on improving the living conditions of local people in and around those areas are also supported, for example by providing education, improving basic facilities or developing alternative sources of income (for example tourism).
Thika Foundation primarily supports specific and clearly defined small-scale and additional activities and initiatives that are part of existing projects aimed at nature conservation. These activities must have a clear beginning and ending, and accountability must take place in a transparent manner.

If you are interested in our entire policy plan, read it here.