Warning Message Bundle


Thanks to your text message bundle, locals in the Kunene Region of Namibia will receive a warning when a lion comes close.



Since 2006 the Desert Lion Conservation Project has worked hard to protect the desert lions in the Skeleton Coast region in Namibia. As a result, the population has increased from twenty to more than 120 individuals! However, human-wildlife conflict is still a major threat to these iconic animals.

With the aim of minimising the killings by local communities, an early warning system has been initiated. Through specifically designed collars the movements of the lions are being detected an when a lion comes close to a community they will receive a lion alert by SMS. Sending these messages costs about six cents per message. You can contribute by donating a fivehundred-message bundle and keep both lions ánd communities safe!

Would you like to make this a recurring, monthly donation? Simply go here, choose ‘Recurring Donation’, set the amount and monthly option, and mention that you’d like to sponsor message bundles in the message section.