Early Warning Lion Logger


Donate a early warning lion logger to reduce human-wildlife conflict and save the desert lion population in the Kunene Region of Namibia.



Over the past years, the population of desert lions has increased significantly in the region of the Skeleton Coast, Namibia. This is due to the enormous efforts and hard work of the Desert Lion Conservation Project. The main threat for the lions are unfortunately still the human-wildlife conflicts. Locals are still afraid of the lions and don’t hesitate to kill them when they come too close.

To minimise these conflicts, the project has set up an early warning system. Thanks to this system the local communities are notified when a lion is approaching, giving them time to protect their stock. One of the main contributions of the project is the set up of Early Warning Loggers. The loggers are placed near livestock corrals and local communities to detect the movements of lions fitted with satellite and GPS collars. Whenever a lion comes close, the Early Warning Logger uses a combination of bright lights and sirens to both scare the lions away and warn the community. The logger simultaneously sends out alerts to the central server and the rapid response teams.

Would you like to make this a recurring, yearly donation? Simply go here, choose ‘Recurring Donation’, set the amount and yearly option, and mention that you’d like to sponsor a lion collar in the message section.