[one_half]Frances Schlingemann-Høvig (1967) studied Dutch Law at Leiden University. She is a Public Prosecuter at the District Court of Noord-Holland, where she handles cases on terrorism and air travel. Frances has always been fascinated by nature and ecology and has extensive knowledge on the subject through deep (self) study. All of her free time is spent on nature travel, with her husband, focused on admiring and photographing nature above and under water.  

“In the past twenty years we have visited and re-visited areas and we’ve personally seen the decline of species in both numbers and diversity. Merely sitting back and watching is not an option anymore and my certain conviction is that – besides the larger international NGO’s that deal with nature conservation – supporting smaller, local projects can make a serious contribution. As a single person you might not save the world, but that’s not an excuse to do nothing.”[/one_half]

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