Predator Proof Corral


Help build a predator-proof corral that prevent snow leopards from killing livestock and protect the cats from being killed by angry herders.



In Ladakh smaller livestock like sheep and goats are kept in corrals at night to protect them from harm. The problem is that, because trees are scarce in the high dry climate, these corrals are usually roofless. When a snow leopard manages to jump over the wall, it will kill some animals but lots of other animals will die trampling each other in panic. The owners of the livestock will kill any snow leopard thus trapped in the corral.

The Snow Leopard Conservancy came up with a simple but effective solution: a wire-mesh roof on the corrals. This way a snow leopard will not be able to jump in and kill the sheep and goats. Covering corrals with these wire-mesh roofs has brought back the hunting of small livestock by snow leopards to almost none in the villages where this solution was applied. For this sum of money one corral will be covered with a roof.