Fence Repair


This covers 1 month salary of a fence repair man. Fences are highly effective against poaching and human-wildlife conflict. 



One of the first things African Parks did was clear the bush to construct a 117 km long perimeter fence. This is a vital element in eliminating human – wildlife conflicts. It quite simply keeps the animals inside the park and protects the huge population outside the park against risky confrontations. Many villagers lost their lives due to that, retaliation and easy access to the animals led to lots of casualties of elephants and other wildlife. However, mainly elephants try to challenge these boundaries and daily control patrols and repairs are essential. Job creation!

This gift covers 1 month salary of fence repairman. You can also set up a recurring donation of €100 a month to keep sponsoring this project!

Photo © Annegré Bosman | Pluk Media