[one_half]After his Master in Business Economics, Joost Tania (1957) travelled through Ladakh and Nepal and on to Australia, searching for his roots. He spent time in Japan and China but lost his heart to Africa – mostly because of the diversity of its nature and the overwhelming wildlife. Zimbabwe became the cradle for his hobby and life, with the goal of contributing to nature conservation via income generated by sustainable tourism. With Thika Travel he set up various large-scale collaborations with NGO’s, during which he too often bumped into the rigid corporate approaches and the own agendas of individuals within them. He made a conscious choice to focus on smaller projects, which – if properly managed and monitored – can be much more successful.

“It is there that I find the passion, engagement and decisive energy that fit with Thika Travel and that lead to concrete results – without losing too much on overhead. Of course we must always stay vigilant, because in my work I see plenty of hot air and failure.”[/one_half]

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