[one_half]Arie van Rabenswaaij (1962) started his career at sixteen years of age within the Dutch Royal Navy. Through many hours of night study he obtained his accountant’s degree in 1998. He has been a partner at TaverneMeun Accountants in Veenendaal since 1996 and, since the 2017 merger, managing partner in the Sibbing Adviesgroep that specializes in financial services for the (para)medical professions. 

“My wife and I have regularly travelled with Thika Travel for the last few years. This has made us understand that nature conservation works best if local communities see the importance of it, too. The happiness that exudes from them whilst protecting their environment is something we Westerners can learn from. That is why I want the Thika Foundation help these communities safeguard their environment and offer them as well as the nature around them, a better future.”[/one_half]

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