Thika Travel Speakers’ Academy with Philip Stander: The Proceeds

Should we be able to cash in on all commitments and add to what was donated on the spot or later transferred to the account of the Thika Foundation, then the “counter” runs well through the Euro 12,000. An amount to be proud of together and for which many thanks to all generous donors! 

This is a worthy follow-up to the Thika Foundation’s donation, from the gifts received in 2018, of USD 10,000 for the new research vehicle for Philip Stander. This amount could be the catalyst for our partners in this project to arrive at a combined amount of more than USD 75,000 for the purchase of a new vehicle and the conversion of it into a robust research vehicle.

However, we want to be able to offer more support, because with a new vehicle alone, the project just isn’t there yet. And so this event became our first real fundraiser! A bit awkward indeed, but we learn quickly, because we see a direct impact on the work of Philip Stander.

And – again – you get our guarantee: 100% of your donation will go to the Desert Lion Project, because Thika Travel and CARE Eindhoven have borne all costs for the travel and accommodation of Flip and Emsie and both events! Thika Travel also takes care of all costs for all follow-up donations and promotions from and for the Thika Foundation. We as the board also refrain from any compensation. You can read more about this in the first annual financial report of the Thika Foundation.

Looking for an extraordinary experience?

Thika Travel is in talks with two couples who are interested in a unique adventure in the daily work of Flip with “his” lions. A great experience that Joost Tania had in May 2017: in the field with Flip on his “home turf” (well: sand and stone desert) of 55,000 km2 (roughly NL + Flanders). Fingers crossed that this will work. Firstly, because it offers travellers a unique insight in the daily work of Flip, and secondly for the Desert Lion Project, because the donation associated with this unique experience amounts to USD 10,000. This is a donation for the running costs of the project (think diesel, anesthesia for the guns and other medicines, replacement of one of the many laptops or tablets that adorn his car cabin or new software, expense allowance for Flip because he has waived a real salary for decades, etc.), which is of course very welcome and much needed.

If this or any other donation goes through the ANBI status of the Thika Foundation, the travelers can settle this with the declaration for their Income Tax or the Corporate Tax, if the gift is made from the company of the travelers.

We know: it is a huge stack of money, but it does offer you something that you would never otherwise experience. Always nice to put into perspective: about the cost of a business class return, if you book it early – otherwise the surcharge. Equally special is of course the fact that Flip can only make time 2-3 times a year for such an adventure.

Thank you for your generosity.

 The Board of the Thika Foundation

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